SAN PEDRO Manor, Otavalo, Via Selva Alegre, Km 19 - The ideal place to discover Imbabura Province

Just 106 km (66 miles) north of Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and a 20-minute drive from Otavalo, is the SAN PEDRO Manor, 3000 meters (almost 10,000 feet) above sea level, in the province of Imbabura. SAN PEDRO's fields, meadows and "primary woodlands" cover some 65 hectares (160 acres). The view is fantastic: part totally wild and part under cultivation, and ringed by snowcapped volcanoes: Mt. Cotacachi (4966 m. / 16,292 ft.), Mt. Imbabura (4650 m. / 15,256 ft.) and Mt. Cayambe (5790 m. / 18,996 ft.).

The manor, a working farm, produces crops and dairy products, while offering lodging to a select handful of guests in comfortable double rooms in the hacienda mansion.

SAN PEDRO's terrain lends itself to long strolls or horseback rides through its fascinating flora. There are native medicinal plants (such as "ñachag"), bromeliads and even orchids.

If you would like to read, or update your traveler's journal, the "Panoramic Room" is the ideal spot, supplied with everything you need. Meals are served in this same room, largely made of the naturally-grown vegetables from the farm's own kitchen garden.

Guests are offered one very special service: total relaxation. Dynamic stimulation of muscles and nerves, handled by specialists, make each treatment a pleasantly unforgettable experience. DYNAMIS Alphadyn™, a Swiss development, cutting-edge technology in the field of electro-stimulation, guarantees your enjoyment.

Daily outings visit the lakes of Mojanda, San Pablo Lake, Cuicocha Lake. The town of Cotacachi (famous for its magnificent leather products) and Otavalo (known for its crafts market bustling with multi-colored weavings) are less than 20 minutes away. These trips can be taken on foot, on horseback or in a vehicle. Ibarra (the "white city") is a 30-minute drive, and Chachimbiro's hot springs are just 55 minutes away.

SAN PEDRO is proud to receive Nature-loving visitors in search of peace and quiet, interested in Ecuador's different regions and in this region's ethnic diversity.

Prices range from 30 to 60 dollars per person per day (a generous breakfast is included). Please ask about our prices for horseback riding and local drives, as well as other services.

For further information:
Mobile: Claro (593) 997 09 78 52 / Movistar (593) 958 76 76 79
San Pedro Hacienda: (593) 991 89 41 33 / (593) 2 601 5561

Postal address:
P.O. Box 17 - 16 - 148
Quito, Ecuador (South America)

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